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Even if you have significant decay with pulp that is diseased or dead, you can save your teeth with a safe, stress-free root canal treatment.​

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Root Canals, Explained

The root canal is the place where your pulp (blood vessels, nerves, and tissues) sit. Root canal treatments aren't nearly as scary as they sound, as the technology available to treat you has improved dramatically over the years. During a root canal treatment, we will treat the distressed pulp and restore your tooth by giving you a personalized CEREC crown that will last several years.​

Crowns made in-house with our advanced CEREC machine and placed on the same day provide you with a more precise, personalized solution for damaged teeth. A comfortable, accurate fit that lasts up to 15 years ensures that your tooth will be protected from consistent decay and will look and feel similar to your other teeth. ​

Beautiful Smiles, Created

Take a look at how our dental professionals have succeeded in performing root canals and placing CEREC crowns in satisfied patients.

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